Simless - Voice & Messaging Application

Simless is MailBIT's Development of Voice and Messaging Application that completely run on Virtual Numbers.

Simless Application allow user to own multiple mobile numbers from various countries that allow users to generate and Receive Calls and Send and Receive SMS
Simless users will be able to Turn on and off the numbers upon demand , for example Turn Off work number after working hours.

         Simless App Featurs


Simless - No Sim Card

No Sim Card Required to
Make Calls and Send SMS

Global Calls and SMS

Global Calls and SMS
Under domestic Rate

Enterprise Telecom Solution

Enterprise Solution
Multiple Work Numbers

Multiple Mobile Phone Numbers

Multiple Mobile Numbers
One Mobile Handset

Free In App Calls , Chat & Media

Free SMS , Calls and Media
Tansfer between Users

Enhanced Privacy

Enhanced Online Privacy
Use disposable number

Turn Mobile Number On and Off

Turn Mobile Number
On & Off

Credit Transfer between App Users

Credit Transfer Between
Registered Users

Top Quality Voice and SMS Service

Top Quality
Voice & SMS Service

Simless - Voice and Messaging App