Mobile Virtual Number

A virtual phone number is a standard Mobile number that is not associated with a specific phone and normally used for 2 way SMS and Voice communication

Allocated by Mobile operators, A virtual number can route a voice call or text message to any phone or Application.
With virtual numbers powered by an API, complex software workflows can be built that are triggered by calls and texts.
Mobile Virtual Number Use Case: 2 Way SMS Communication , Mobile SMS Survey , SMS Lucky Draw , Anti Fraud SMS Verification

Virtual Number Features


No Sim Card

No Sim Card required
to send /Recovery SMS

SMS Transaction

Fast SMS Transaction
within 5 seconds

SMS Integration | SMS API

2 Way SMS integration
over HTTP and SMPP

2 Way SMS | Virtual Numbers

2 Way SMS
Messaging Communication

Send SMS without Internet

No need of Internet
or any App Download


User friendly Web Interface & API Integration

Dedicated Mobile Number

Dedicated Mobile Number
Can send and Receive SMS

Anti Fraud SMS | User Validation

Active Anti Fraud
Force User to Reply by SMS

Real Time SMS Report

Real Time
SMS Delivery Reports