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websms.mailbit | How to send campaign message?

Easy way to send campaign message by using websms.mailbit

Step 1: Click "Campaigns" icon and then click "Create new campaign".
Step 2: Select "Senderld" that you wish to send.
Step 3: Click "Add content template" and fill messages that you wish to send in "Review Message" then click "Save template as..."
Step 4: Create template name that you want to save.
Step 5: Select campaigns message that you wish to send.
Step 6: Click "Upload contact list".
Step 7: Click "Add new tag" and create tag name that you want to upload number and then click "Save" .
Step 8: Click tag that you already upload number, then click "Import".
Step 9: Select tag that you already uploaded.
Step 10: Create campaigns subject that you wish to send.
Step 11:Click "Start now" icon and then click "Submit campaign".
Step 12:Recheck everything that you fill again and click "Create campaign".